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Gojurn Progress Update

Gojurn Progress Update I

Our first big update after our long break. Do we have some news for you!

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Search Podcast

Gojurnal Podcast: Episode 10

In this episode we take a deeper look at today's online search experience.

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Netflix Podcast

Gojurnal Podcast: Episode 9

It's about time we pulled back the curtain on Netflix's recommendation system.

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The Future Path for Gojurn

Changes Coming to Gojurn

Big changes are coming to the Gojurnal and you're the first to know.

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Online Recommendation Podcast

Gojurnal Podcast: Episode 8

Learn why modern online advertising impacts your digital recommendations.

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Different Online Searching Experiences

A Tale of Two Online Searches

Discover how and why not all search experiences are created equal.

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