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Discover Great Things to Do in the Bay Area

Get honest on demand recommendations from your local community.
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The Best Way to Get Recommendations

A unique recommendation community.

With Gojurn's Community feature you can see what questions and recommendations are being exchanged in your local community by members with interests similar to your own. Browse inspiring lists or lend your own insights to help others.

Friends, experts, and locals ready to answer your questions.

Need some recommendations on the spot? Whether it's figuring out what to get for dinner or what to choose for movie night, Gojurn connects you with like-minded folks interested in quickly helping you have a great time.

Your very own want-to-do list.

With Gojurn you'll discover tons of awesome recommendations and you'll need a way to remember them all. The built-in journal lets you easily save, organize, and share the great stuff that comes your way both on and off Gojurn.

All you need is a name and Gojurn handles the rest.

Important details are automatically collected by Gojurn and added to the recommendations you save and write down to save you time. This includes important information like directions, operating hours, available streaming services, and useful tips from our members.

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Now available on the App Store and Play Store!

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